Have a natural dental cleaning experience in October at Embrace Dental Hygiene-Receive a FREE Activated charcoal toothpaste!

Have your teeth cleaned in October at Embrace Dental Hygiene and get your FREE activated charcoal toothpaste

teeth cleaning-activated charcoal toothpaste

Have your teeth cleaned at Embrace Dental Hygiene in October and get a FREE Activated Charcoal toothpaste! ┬áHave you tried Nelson Natural’s activated charcoal toothpaste yet? This trend is on fire. Consider activated charcoal toothpaste as your all natural over the counter whitening toothpaste. Healthier whiter teeth with no rough abrasion, sensitivity or harsh chemicals! Call Jen to book your natural dental cleaning in October and get yours for FREE. 519-736-1100


*Offer valid in Oct/17-While supplies last and for new clients only:)

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