Mission & Vision

At Embrace Dental Hygiene we are committed to providing the highest quality of client centered care in a safe, positive and ethical environment. The focus of Embrace is prevention of disease and promotion of health. My goal is to improve access to oral care, provide an option to the traditional environment, reduce the incidence of disease and improve your overall health. Taking a whole health approach to each clients care enables us to promote best treatment outcomes. As professionals we continue to develop and learn striving to enhance our integrity, credibility and influence within the profession and community.

Embrace Dental Hygiene’s Vision is to work in collaboration with local health care professionals in an effort to improve our clients’ overall health and well-being and become the area’s number one choice of preventative oral health care providers.




Providing preventative dental care in Windsor Essex, Amherstburg

Holistic approach to dental care in Windsor Essex, Amherstburg