Customized Teeth Whitening-Forget messy trays, get instant results and no sensitivity! Embrace Dental Hygiene Windsor-Essex, Amherstburg

whiten your teeth windsor essex amherstburg

clean-healthy-teethEveryone has tried to whiten their teeth or wished that they could. Now you can! No two people have the same needs. Have a complimentary consultation and Jen a Registered Dental Hygienist will prepare a plan. Get the results you want in the best way for you. Book a complimentary whitening consultation today 519-736-1100.

There are many ways to lighten, brighten or whiten your teeth. You may need the right whitening toothpaste, a professional polish, a professional light activated whitening treatment or you may want to whiten at home. I can help you find what will work for you! I offer office light activated treatments, custom kits for home, professional polish, or advice on how to prevent stain. The consultation is complimentary and professional whitening starts at just $75. Give me a call and we will get you started on the road to your brightest smile. 519-736-1100 or email

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