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change the way you look at dental careChange is on it’s way. I want you to forget everything you thought you knew about dental care. “Just a check-up and cleaning” is not preventative care. You are meant to keep your teeth until the end of your life. Tooth loss, tooth pain or loss of function reduces your quality of life, your ability to stay healthy as well as your confidence in social situations. Tooth decay and tooth loss are not a part of life. It can be prevented in almost every incidence. But you need to be ready to make changes to your habits, diet and routines. We can start these healthy habits from day one for a child. Throughout our life our needs change and we need to modify accordingly to promote our best health.

Being proactive or preventative is how you avoid painful, expensive and traumatic treatment. Forget treatment focused care! Lholistic approach to dental careooking for existing issues and treating symptoms leaves the door open for more problems. Tooth decay and disease are symptoms of an imbalance either in your diet, habits or systemic health. And with simple addition or subtraction of known risk factors we can prevent or manage disease.

Forget brushing, flossing and fluoride…consider stress management, a nutritious diet and exercise to promote better oral health. Consistent preventative maintenance that include professional assessment, cleaning and your home hygiene routine are integral. Your mouth and your body are not separate entities. They are intricately linked. What is good for your body is good for your mouth.

holistic approach to dental care amherstburg windsorI am a Registered Dental Hygienist. I am a healthcare provider. That means that I help you prevent disease, and protect and promote your best health. Through a comprehensive assessment I locate deficiencies in your human needs and help you find solutions. I also address your lifestyle and preferences. No two people need the same care. Individualized or customized care plans are a part of every one of my client’s visits. I also collaborate with other healthcare professionals when you have needs outside of my scope of practice. This is integrative dental care. The future:)

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