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Pit and Fissure Sealants Protect Teeth from Decay

Dental sealants have been applied by dental hygienists for years to protect erupting adult teeth. At Embrace Dental Hygiene we highly recommend placement of sealants on healthy six and twelve year molars. These vulnerable teeth are hard to reach for kids and their caregivers and commonly become decayed. These adult teeth will be in place from about six years of age until… well hopefully forever. A timely placed pit and fissure sealant will help keep the tooth healthy until adulthood. We want to prevent potentially painful and costly procedures.


sealed molar

A dental sealant is designed to fill the deep grooves of the biting surface of a tooth preventing plaque bacteria from sticking and causing decay. A six year old child is often not capable of cleaning these teeth effectively making them high risk for decay.

At Embrace Dental Hygiene in Amherstburg we use Embrace Pit and Fissure Sealant material. We chose this material because it is BPA free and fluoride releasing. Let me help prevent tooth decay! Contact me now to discuss sealant placement for your child!

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