Keeping Your Balance


Most of us are health conscious and seek out a state of health. Being healthy means finding balance. Emotional and physical balance will promote good health. Stress, too much exercise or not enough, or poor dietary choices contribute to instability. Lack of balance can cause a state of unwellness, disease or injury.

Mouth health is no different. If you regularly experience bleeding, decay or sensitivity you need help to find oral balance. Decay is preventable, bleeding gums are not normal and sensitivity can be treated. 

Tooth Decay

The teeth are constantly in a state of demineralization. This means that the minerals are drawn from the enamel by the acidic environment created when we eat or drink.  Normal oral bacteria (our mouth is kinda like a petri dish) uses our food and drink as fuel and create an acid. Saliva contains the buffering minerals that replace what is lost and neutralizes the acid. It basically keeps our teeth from melting. In a healthy mouth decay does not occur because there is balance. Too many bugs or bacteria means no balance. Too much sugar natural (fruit) or refined (soft drinks, candy) means no balance. More bacteria or more fuel for the bacteria means more acid. The saliva can not remineralize the teeth fast enough. Repeated exposure to the acid weakens tooth enamel and the result without intervention is cavities, sensitivity and gum disease. Xylitolfluoride and sealants are all designed to prevent decay and the need for potentially painful or traumatic dental procedures. Regular professional hygiene visits including teeth cleaning, nutritional guidance and effective home care will also help maintain balance.

Bleeding Gums

The gums should only bleed if injured. If your gums bleed when you are brushing or flossing or for no reason you have gum disease or an injury. Gum disease is an inflammation of the gum tissue caused by too much bacteria in the mouth. Conditions such as pregnancy, diabetes or stress can contribute to more inflammation. Regular professional care during these periods is very important. Your dental professional will assess your gums for gum disease and ensure you are receiving the care that you need. Untreated inflammation causes bone loss and potential tooth loss. If you have an injury or wound that does not heal it needs to be assessed by your dental professional.
balanced rocks

How we can regain oral balance and your health. A comprehensive medical and dental history and a discussion with your dental professional is a great start. We can help you determine what may be the issues contributing to the instability of your mouth health. We can recommend a treatment plan and products that will help give you back balance and eliminate disease and decay. But overall health is a collaboration between you and your chosen health professionals. Choose me and find your balance and best oral health! 519-736-1100

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