A Healthy Mouth for Healthy Pregnancy-Dental Care During Pregnancy is Essential

clean teeth healthy pregnancyHaving a healthy mouth is very important for a healthy pregnancy. Are you expecting or planning to become pregnant? It’s very important to let your dental provider know that you are or may become pregnant. Pregnancy can greatly impact your oral health. And vice versa your oral health impacts a healthy pregnancy. You want your health to be at a peak when you become pregnant. Gum disease, bleeding gums or decay can contribute to low birth weight or preterm birth. So make sure that you prepare by having your teeth cleaned and assessed prior to pregnancy or early on. Let your dental provider help you by making recommendations that will help you manage oral symptoms of pregnancy. Some signs of gum disease can include:

  • red, swollen or tender gums
  • bleeding while brushing or flossing
  • gums that pull away from the teeth
  • bad breath
  • loose or separating teeth
  • a change in the way your teeth fit together

If you experience any of these symptoms it’s time to book an appointment.

Pregnancy Myth: “Pregnancy damaged my teeth.”

I’m sure you’ve heard someone say that pregnancy damaged their teeth. Well pregnancy doesn’t ruin teeth but it can make it very difficult to care for them. Quite often those of us with a healthy mouth may suddenly experience bleeding, soreness or sensitivity. ┬áMorning sickness and dietary changes can contribute negatively to a healthy mouth. Here are some ways to help you keep your mouth healthy regardless of morning sickness and other changes:)

  • Ensure that you continue to have your regular professional care. Often your hygienist may recommend cleaning more frequently to help you manage or prevent disease.
  • Don’t skip brushing or flossing. (don’t like floss I can help you find something that works for you) I know you are tired and nauseated…but this too shall pass.
  • To make morning brushing easier try rinsing your mouth with water first thing. Skip the toothpaste. Foaming or the flavor of your toothpaste may increase or aggravate any nausea. Try a smaller brush and lean over the sink to allow saliva to flow out.
  • Often adding an antibacterial rinse to your routine is easy to tolerate and helpful.
  • Chewing sugar free gum through the day improves oral health and may reduce nausea.
  • If you notice increased sensitivity, bleeding or other changes make sure you see your dental provider.

Remember you are not only caring for your health you are caring for your new little life as well. If you have any questions about healthy mouth and a healthy pregnancy give me a call 519-736-1100 or email jen@embracedentalhygiene.com.

Baby’s first dental visit needs to take place at 12 mths of age.

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