Whole Health Dental Hygiene Care-Supporting your health and wellness with dental care.

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Jen Mayhew Registered Dental Hygienist Hello have we met? My name is Jen and I’m a mom, a business owner and a health care practitioner. I am also a Registered Dental Hygienist and am passionate about integrative health. That is why I opened Embrace Dental Hygiene. To have the opportunity to provide dental hygiene care from a whole health perspective. What is whole health dental care? At Embrace we use diet, habit and lifestyle modifications combined with dental hygiene therapies. We help you to prevent oral disease and tooth decay and reach your oral health goals. Providing you with customized strategies for your unique needs.

We want you to feel supported and empowered in your choices. Stop thinking that cavities, gum disease and tooth loss are inevitable. No matter what age or stage you or your family are at we can help promote and protect your optimal health. Oral health care should begin at 12 mths of age and continue until the end of your years.

Think of your visit to Embrace Dental Hygiene as an opportunity to get the tools, resources and care you need for a healthy life. A way to protect yourself from painful, expensive and traumatic dental treatment. The care we provide assists with balancing bacteria, reducing, remineralizing and eliminating tooth decay, managing oral pH, improving digestion, boosting your immunity. Oral health care lowers your risk for systemic illnesses like heart disease, stroke, dimentia, arthritis, cancers and promotes your healthiest smiles. oral systemic link

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