You Need and Deserve Customized Dental Care-Whole Body Dental Care

Customized Dental Care designed for you. Never “just teeth cleaning”.

You may hear or see me blog and post a lot about customized dental care. I wanted to explain what that is.

you are uniqueYou are unique! You have unique needs. You might think teeth cleaning is teeth cleaning. It’s the same for everyone. But that’s far from true. It’s not like running your car through a car wash. Before I can decide what kind of care you need and how to safely provide that care I need to know your specific needs. You need to be involved in your care so I want to know a little about you and what you want.

Let’s pretend you have a neighbor named Joe. You and Joe have different needs. You should receive care designed to meet your needs not Joe’s. Maybe Joe doesn’t brush and he smokes a pack a day. You on the other hand do brush and are very health conscious. Maybe Joe is missing teeth and has diabetes. You on the other hand have all of your adult teapples-and-orangeseth and are healthy.

Your individual care plans will be different.  The products that I use and recommend for you will be different than those for Joe. But wait! You are the same in one way, you both have sensitive teeth. But it turns out the cause of that sensitivity is different and will require different desensitization treatment. I think you get the point, apples and oranges.

Oral health is essential to your overall health.

healthy mouth healthy bodyYou cannot be healthy without a healthy mouth. Poor oral health contributes to heart disease, respiratory disease, cancers, poor pregnancy outcomes and more. Your diet, your lifestyle and your preferences will promote health or may be promoting disease. There are no two people with the same needs. Everyone receiving the same dental care boils down to no one getting what they need. You need and deserve care designed for you. Call me today and set up a free consultation or an oral health assessment 519-736-1100 let’s figure out what you need 🙂

And that’s what you will receive here at Embrace Dental Hygiene. And there is so much more to dental hygiene than cleaning teeth. It’s about promoting health. A whole body or holistic approach to dental care is necessary to treat the root cause of oral disease and tooth decay. What you do when you leave my office is just as important as the care that you received. Careful collaboration with you will help me develop a plan that will help ensure that you and your family are in control of your health and your care.

A healthy mouth equals better health, and a lifetime of healthy smiles.  Call me today 519-736-1100 Jen


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