Online Consultations for Dental Health-Get Help From Embrace Dental Hygiene Without Leaving Home-Jen Mayhew, RDH

online dental consultations

Announcing Online Consultations for Dental Health-Get Expert Advice Without Leaving Home

online dental health consultations

Get help today without ever setting foot in a dental office.

We are here to support you during this time. Do you have a dental concern? Are you anxious about going to see a dental professional? Not able to make it to an office? Well now you can get help without setting foot in a dental office. I am now offering online dental health consultations. Call 519-736-1100 or email jen@embracedentalhygiene.comĀ 

Jen Mayhew Registered Dental HygienistRegistered Dental hygienists like me are prevention specialists. That means the care that I provide is designed to keep you out of the dentist’s chair. Wait a minute you are saying, I thought you just cleaned teeth. Well I certainly do and I while I do that incredibly well, cleaning teeth is a very small part of what I do for my clients. What I really do is promote your best health, alleviate sensitivity, prevent tooth decay and eliminate gum disease. I’m a coach, a tool or a resource let’s say. Because you are the one who has to do the real work. You are the one with the real power and I can help you use it.

And I can help you without you ever setting foot in my office. Do you have a specific mouth concern? Are your teeth sensitive? Do you get cavity after cavity? Do your gums bleed? Want better breath? If you need help improving your mouth health I can help. Do you want advice on what products are best for you I can help! Want your child to grow up cavity free…Yup I can help make that happen! Or are you looking for a practitioner who speaks to you? Consider this our interview!

IMG_0474Well within reason:) Send an email to or click here with your concern as the subject line. I will email you back with instructions on how to set up our online consultation. That’ s right online without ever leaving your house I can help you. Don’t wait let’s start today. Questions? That’s right email or call me 519-736-1100.

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