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Teeth Cleaning @ Embrace Dental Hygiene
Cleaning teeth is not really about teeth! It’s about better health. 
 Are you in search of better health? Have you had your oral health assessed and your teeth cleaned recently? You should. It may be what’s missing. Without professional mouth care you may have an overgrowth of unhealthy bacteria. This bacteria can keep you from achieving your best health. Oral disease is often not visible to the untrained eye and commonly does not have any symptoms. That’s why everyone needs to see a oral healthcare provider regularly.
 Seeing a Registered Dental Hygienist like me can help you achieve your best health. Let’s face it, clean healthy teeth look fabulous and feel amazing but we don’t clean teeth for that reason. The beauty benefit of teeth cleaning is secondary tteeth bacteriao disease prevention and health promotion.
How lucky am I? As a hygienist my job is to help people be healthy and beautiful.
Dental hygiene care can be most important care your mouth and your body will receive. It’s just as important as going to your doctor if not more. It will ensure the foundation of your mouth is healthy and that your teeth and the bacteria on them are not contributing to poor overall health or worsening other health conditions.


Teeth cleaning is about better health and overall systemic wellness. Without a healthy mouth you cannot be truly healthy. Everything we need to live comes through our mouth. Food, air, water… If your mouth is not disease free neither are you. Most of us want to be healthy. But mouth care somehow gets left out. It is an integral part in good health and long life. You need to have a dental health professional on your team. Someone like me who specializes in preventative dental care. Click here to see my services.

Even if you don’t have teeth you have bacteria. Oh yes! If you haven’t had professional mouth care including teeth cleaning or debridement, the teeth, tongue and even the gums can be hiding all kinds of nasty organisms. These bugs are what cause inflammation or swelling of your gums, tooth decay, and bad breath. You’ve heard of  gum disease or gingivitis right? It’s what causes bleeding gums and eventually tooth loss. If your gums bleed you have disease! This is not ok. Bleeding gums are an indication that you need care. You need to see a dental hygienist for treatment. Inflammation is not healthy or normal. Google it! It can contribute to a myriad of systemic health conditions. Diabetes, heart disease, premature birth, arthritis, cancer the list goes on.


How do you know if you have disease?
You don’t! But your hygienist does. That’s our job. If you don’t have bleeding or pain that doesn’t mean you don’t have disease. The only way to be sure your mouth is free of inflammation is to see a dental professional for an assessment. Part of a comprehensive oral assessment includes looking for disease. Dental hygienists like me are trained to diagnose, prevent and treat oral disease. In treating these conditions we are contributing to your best health. We are your partners in disease prevention. We do so much more than clean teeth.
Do you want to be truly healthy? Come see me at Embrace Dental Hygiene. Let me help you achieve your best health and clean your teeth:) 519-736-1100 or jen@embracedentalhygiene.com.

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