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Mouth Care is Health Care

Are you missing something in your search for health and wellness? So many people are consumed with avoiding toxins that may be in food, water or products they use. When disease causing toxins are within, hiding in your mouth.


gingivitis, inflammation

Inflammation in your mouth is called gingivitis. This is inflammation of the gums. Gingivitis occurs when there is organized bacteria on the teeth. These bacteria create toxins and acid. The gums become inflamed in a reaction to these toxins that’s what causes bleeding gums.  More than 75% of the population are affected by gingivitis. It can complicate or worsen other medical conditions. It also leads to periodontitis.  Periodontitis is a disease that results in bone loss around your teeth. That’s right not only are these toxins destroying bone they are destroying your health. You may not even know it’s happening! Eventually teeth may become loose and fall out.

Do your gums bleed? Did you know that this means that you have oral disease that requires treatment!  Inflammation should never be ignored. In fact it contributes to systemic health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, cancer and more. Bleeding gums are never normal or healthy. Even if you don’t notice bleeding or swelling you may have oral disease. Oral disease limits your ability to be healthy!  A visit to Embrace Dental Hygiene for an assessment and teeth cleaning is like your health insurance.

How do you know if you have disease?

See a dental hygienist. Everyone needs to see a dental hygienist and have regular preventative dental care. What is preventative care? This is the most important part of your dental hygiene visit. Click here for Embrace Dental Hygiene’s services. Dental hygiene care is called preventative care because it prevents or controls disease, inflammation and tooth decay. Home care is vital but without regular visits to a dental hygienist you may have disease.

At Embrace Dental Hygiene Jen will assess your individual needs and provide appropriate treatment. Her goals are to eliminate disease and inflammation and improve your health. Having your oral health assessed and teeth cleaned is just as important as visiting your doctor for your physical. Mouth care is health care.

Without regular professional mouth care you will not achieve overall health. If you want to be healthy and remain healthy don’t forget your mouth care! Visit Embrace Dental Hygiene. It could be the missing piece to your health. Don’t wait reserve your appointment! 519-736-1100 or [email protected]

oral health

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