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When do your children need to see a dental professional?dhcanada_happyFamily

I care for kids. The Canadian Dental Association and College of Dental Hygiene Ontario recommend that children first see a dental professional around one year of age. This is when the introduction to the dental environment should take place. The first visit involves familiarization with the environment and as much care and advice as you and your little one are comfortable with. Early initiation makes future visits a breeze. Early assessment allows for intervention and prevention of potential problems. Potentially eliminating the need for painful traumatic procedures ever in their lifetime. I am passionate about helping kids grow up cavity free! Regular professional teeth cleaning and assessment can ensure children don’t develop problems or habits that may affect them for life.

Did you know there has been evidence that links poor memory and concentration and self esteem to poor oral health? This  can negatively affect your little ones for life. Here at Embrace Dental Hygiene I use the safest, and most effective products and techniques available. The practice is designed to be warm and welcoming perfect for those first timers. My goal for every child is a positive visit and the healthiest smile possible.
small-familyChildren under five get their first visit free. Reserve your appointment today! 519-736-1100

Do your kids qualify to receive their dental care free of charge? Visit Healthy Smiles to see if your family is eligible for the Healthy Smiles program. Embrace Dental Hygiene is proud to accept Healthy Smiles.

Visit College of Dental Hygienist’s of Ontario website and download the package to help you care for your baby or toddler’s mouth. Have questions? Call us we are always happy to provide information and suggestions. Contact us!

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