Get Your Sports Mouthguard at Embrace Dental Hygiene’s 2018 Clinic for just $40


custom sports mouthguard

Book during our annual mouthguard clinic Aug 15th or 21st and get those teeth ready for your 2018 season for just $40-Appointment only call today 519-736-1100

Protect those teeth during sports.

Do you need a mouthguard? If you play hockey, lacrosse, rugby, BMX bike or martial arts you certainly do. Sports mouthguards protect the teeth, the tissues, jaw joints and may reduce concussive forces. Embrace Dental Hygiene has 10 or more color options for your new custom appliance. All we need to do is take an impression and you’ll be fitted with your new mouthguard in about 2 days.

Why have a custom mouthguard fabricated?

If you take part in sports you need a Custom Sports Mouthguards.  Custom mouthguards as are made using an exact model of the wearers teeth. This allows for the best fit, the least bulk and most comfort. Often dental benefits may pay for a custom sports mouthguard. Come in to Embrace Dental Hygiene and we will take impressions of your teeth and make you a sports mouthguard in the color of your choice.sports mouthguards windsor essex

Have an older mouthguard that requires cleaning? 

Do you know that a dirty mouthguard can make you sick? Mouthguards can harbor bacteria and fungus if not properly cleaned and stored. We can provide you with a case or clean your old appliance.  Then you and your mouthguard are ready for another season. This applies to nightguards or sleep appliances as well. Make sure you bring your retainers, sleep appliances and mouthguards with you to your dental visits. Your dental hygienist will ensure they are intact and clean. Questions? Call me 519-736-1100 I’ve got answers.

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