Probiotics and dental health. Naturally healthier smiles.

naturally healthier mouth

Probiotics and dental health. Naturally healthier smiles.

Why probiotics for dental health? What are they? How can they help me?

Probiotics are live naturally occurring bacteria. These bacteria are delivered in several different forms for different reasons. You can find them in pill form, yogurt and some fermented foods. They are helpful to improve digestion, metabolism and improve immunity. Now you can use probiotics for dental health. Several studies are now showing probiotics are effectively improving mouth health. Read here. Embrace Dental Hygiene is now carrying ProbioticGum containing Blis K12. Questions? Call Jen 519-736-1100 or email

I stay current in terms of advances and studies and new products. Things change as new information and products become available and I need to adapt my practice accordingly. Your mouth is a major portal of entry for things you need. That is why it is so important to keep it healthy with our self care routines including visiting your dental hygienist regularly 🙂 Our food, water and air all enter through our mouths. Nasty bacteria and viruses may piggy-back any one of those things. Leading to sickness or infection. Sometimes our oral hygiene can be neglected…Did you floss today? Ineffective oral hygiene leads to an overgrowth of bugs. This starts an inflammatory process that can cause gingivitis or bleeding gums and bad breath.

The Role of Saliva and Bacteria in a Healthy Mouth and Body

Saliva contains healthy and helpful bacteria that serve as guardians to fight off most nasty bacteria or viruses and inflammation when the oral flora is balanced. But when things are out of whack…like when we have taken an an antibiotic or have a dry mouth these good bacteria dwindle and the bad can overgrow. This puts us at risk for disease and tooth decay. Effective oral hygiene and regularly having your teeth cleaned helps normalize the bacterial flora but sometimes we need more help. There is so much more to dental health than brushing and flossing. Healthy whole foods and staying properly hydrated are just as important. Probiotic gum contains 500 million S. Salivarius which is one of the good guys. Chewing this gum for 5-10 minutes can boost your immunity to bacteria and viruses not to mention stimulate saliva flow. Very good things…Less disease, and tooth decay maybe even fewer colds or upper respiratory infections. Click here for more.

Typically in the drinsingental profession when there is infection or disease we reach for an antibacterial. These can be very effective and certain situations definitely warrant killing bacteria. But in my thinking trying to boost our internal immunity and our own first line of defense seems like a more natural solution. Regularly using an antibacterial or overuse of an antibiotic may render it ineffective with time and certainly can damage the helpful bacteria as well. The healthier solution in my opinion is trying to work with our body. Probiotics!!

I have found a gum that is an effective oral probiotic treatment. ProbioticGum from CulturedCare is sugar free and sweetened with xylitol. If you’ve read anything about xylitol you know it’s a natural sweetener made from birch. But did you know that it remineralizes teeth and reduces tooth decay? Dental hygiene happy dance:)

Embrace Dental Hygiene now carries probiotic gum with Blis K12 it is the only probiotic gum licensed by Health Canada. I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their oral health, stimulate saliva flow, have better breath or boost their natural immunity to infection. Come and get it! It’s organic, and non gmo too. Questions? or 519-736-1100

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