The Value of Prevention-Dental Hygienists Role in Dental Care

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What is the value of prevention? What is the dental hygienist’s role in your dental care?

You hear me talking about prevention a lot. The dental hygienist is your provider of preventative dental care. And now we can provide that valuable care outside of a traditional dental environment. But “it’s just a cleaning” right?  Not here at Embrace Dental Hygiene. I endeavour to make your cleaning appointment the most comprehensive preventative experience that I can. Hygienists practicing independently like me are attempting to make that valuable preventative dental care more accessible to everyone. More and more independent practices are opening everyday. Being able to access the care that facilitates health is invaluable. Independent dental hygiene is an amazing thing. Because all we do is preventative care and when it’s the focus it’s often more effective.  Prevention is key to avoiding many health conditions. Preventing oral disease and tooth decay is what I do. Healthy mouths and teeth contribute to a longer healthier life.

Better prevention could mean never needing another filling. 

How much would not ever having a filling or preventing your child from ever experiencing decay be worth to you? Or how about keeping your natural teeth for life. Almost every service that I provide is done to reduce your risk of disease and tooth decay. I’m dedicated to helping my clients achieve and maintain a state of health. Wouldn’t you rather prevent disease than treat it once it’s gotten a foothold? Prevention eliminates the need for treatments. Healthy intact teeth are your best defense against disease and decay. Regular dental hygiene care and maintenance are your means to keep your teeth healthy and intact. Let’s face it, being happy with your smile and having it be pain free contributes to a healthy self image and lifestyle. These are things that are incredibly valuable.

Cavities are preventable. 

tooth decay

stages of tooth decay

Let’s talk specifically about tooth decay. It is 99% preventable. Tooth decay is the process during which the natural bacteria in the mouth uses the foods we eat to create an acidic environment. This happens all the time. Your teeth are always in a state of de-mineralization and re-mineralization. In a state of health our saliva provides the means for our teeth to recover from acid attacks. But if these attacks occur too frequently or there is not enough saliva this acid eventually breaks down enamel. This happens most in the areas where the bacteria is not being brushed or flossed away. The result is decay or cavities. A cavity is basically a hole in the hardest substance in your body. Once tooth material is lost there is no way to bring it back. This hole then requires a repair or restoration to prevent pain and infection. This is also known as a filling. If we can prevent decay or the need for a restoration it is ultimately the healthiest and best solution. Not to mention the least costly.

What’s the downside of having a filling? 

What’s the big deal? Everyone has fillings right? When a filling is placed you receive an injection of a anaesthetic  that your body needs to filter. And what are fillings made of? Most fillings are made of either Amalgam or Composite Resin. You’ve all heard of metal fillings and their potential for containing mercury. Most people are now requesting composite or white fillings. Thinking that these fillings are healthier and because they look nicer. Well composite resin can contain BPA. Both mercury and BPA are potentially dangerous chemicals. It has not been proven that either of these filling materials contain enough of these chemicals to cause health problems but wouldn’t you rather not have one? Gold or porcelain filling materials are not currently associated with adverse health conditions but come with a much higher price tag so are not often utilized. Bottom line is decayed teeth need to be repaired or they will cause pain and infection. So let me help you prevent tooth decay.

Prevention is the best medicine. 

In conclusion, if you can prevent disease and decay it is the best case scenario. Everyone needs dental hygiene care. The care that I provide can limit your visits to the dentists chair. I will assess your current condition, assess your risk factors and provide appropriate preventative care. My primary goal is to improve your health through exceptional customized mouth care. The bonus is it also keeps your teeth looking and feeling great! Let me help reduce your risks for oral disease and tooth decay. Call me we’ll get you on the road to better health today. 519-736-1100

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