A filling doesn’t fix anything-Here is why.

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Filling a tooth doesn’t fix anything.

stress free dental careNobody likes the dentist. How do I know this? After almost 20 years in the dental field I know. I’ve heard all of the horror stories and childhood traumas. I’ve heard “I don’t want to be here”…and many other laments of woe. People associate the dental office with sounds they dislike, smells they can’t stand and pain. There is so much wrong with this. You should not fear someone who is there to help you. I’ve built my practice to provide dental care in comfort without any of those things. But I will get into that later.

Most people have had to have a filling in their lifetime. A needle, drilling and filling a tooth that has gone rogue. “You have a cavity.” says your dentist. No ones favorite four words. Now you need a filling. It’s not fun and it doesn’t fix the problem. Tooth decay to many people is a mystery. It’s often considered a part of life. I just happens. It’s not! It doesn’t have to happen ever. And the filling that your dentist is placing is not fixing anything. It does not stop the decay process, eliminate the bacterial imbalance and it reduces the life expectancy of your tooth. A filling’s life expectancy is 5-15 years. After this the filling or restoration often needs to be repaired or replaced with you guessed it another filling. And what is that filling made of? Do your research. Your healthy tooth has your life expectancy.

But what else can be done you ask. A proactive preventative approach to dental care. Prevention focused care eliminates the need for treatment. Tooth decay is 99% preventable. But it still happens and it happens often. Children experience it. Decay is one of the most common preventable illnesses in children. Why? Because of many factors. And failures in the current treatment focused dental care system. Baby’s first visit at 12 months of age is a necessity.

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When we identify your individual risk factors we can head off the drill. No one factor creates decay. There are often many factors that contribute. If your goal for your family is cavity free check ups I can help you. Healthy teeth for life? I can help you! But be prepared to make some modifications to your diet, your habits and lifestyle. The reward will be no more decay and oral disease. No more drilling and filling in an endless cycle. You need to have those tools and the understanding of how to optimize your oral health. And it’s my job to give them to you.

As a Registered Dental Hygienist my job is to guide, support and provide care that ultimately will improve your health. Preventing oral disease and decay, protecting a balanced oral environment and promoting your best health is what I do. The words “just a dental cleaning” drive me crazy. I am a health care provider and just cleaning your teeth does not help you. It’s my job to assess your current condition in a comprehensive manner. Establish a relationship with you in order to serve you in the best way I can and find out what your goals are for your health. Together we plan your care and how you will reach those goals. Some of these goals may be to prevent tooth decay, eliminate bleeding, improve your breath, or reduce tooth sensitivity. How we reach them will be different for everyone. But we will get there.

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