Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts for Raising Cavity Free Kids-Embrace Dental Hygiene

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happy momHello mama’s and caregivers:) We all want our kids to be healthy and to protect them from…well everything.
That being said we can’t protect them from everything but we can prevent cavities! Being a mom first and dental hygienist second I’m very passionate my own kids being as healthy as possible and I want to use my knowledge and experience to help all kids grow up healthy and cavity free. Mom’s and caregivers have that power. I’ve designed this list to help you make the best choices that will promote your little one experiencing few dental problems.   Jen-signature
Mom’s keep in mind that tooth decay is multifactorial and there is no one fix or cure. Kids who are cavity prone need an assessment to determine their individual risk factors. If your child has been diagnosed as cavity prone or having “soft teeth” I can help. Click here to sign up for a complimentary consultation that will help them prevent decay in the future.
Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts for raising cavity free kids.
1-Do Brush your little one’s teeth as soon as they come in with a soft brush. Bed time brushing is the most important.
2-Don’t Share utensils or tooth brushes etc with your child. The bacteria that causes cavities is transmissible between adults and children.
3-Do Floss as soon as there are two adjacent teeth. Flossers are very helpful. flossers
4-Don’t Put them to bed with a bottle or sippy cup containing anything other than water this includes nighttime nursing. If a child has teeth and they nurse or feed overnight the teeth need to wiped or brushed after this feeding. Even breast milk can be cariogenic or cavity causing. 
5-Do Limit milk to mealtime only. Water should be the only beverage available on demand for children once formula or breast milk is no longer their main source of nutrition.
6-Do Avoid juice and other unnecessary high sugar beverages altogether. Water is best.
7-Do Lift the lip to look for chalky white, or yellow brown discolorations on the teeth.stages of decay
8-Do Choose low sugar and starch foods and snacks such as fresh veggies, cheese, seeds and nuts. Avoid cereals, crackers, breads as between meals snacks. 
9-Do Choose a sippy cup that has a straw or soft mouthpiece and no valve to prevent interference with tooth development and speech patterns. Try to discourage use of a soother or finger sucking after teeth start to erupt. 
10-Do Schedule your little one’s first visit to a dental professional around the age of one. Don’t wait until you have a concern. (We start seeing littles at 6 mths of age for their first dental visit.)
Reach out to professionals when you have questions because that is what we are here for:) I’m always available to answer questions I want to help your family be cavity free. Call 519-736-1100, message me or email if you have questions about kids mouthcare.

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