DIY Healthy Mouth Assessment-How healthy is your mouth?

Self assessment tool

How healthy is your mouth? Oral health is important. Often the signs and symptoms of oral disease go unnoticed. They can be something you have considered normal. I have designed an oral health assessment tool for you to use. This tool will help you determine how healthy your mouth actually is and ensure you are aware of risk factors for disease.

Quite often people overlook the link between their mouth and their health. Somehow oral health and overall health have been separated. The assumption that you can achieve health without oral health is dangerous. We eat, drink and breath through our mouth. You can provide yourself with the best food and the cleanest water but if it enters your body through a “dirty” or unhealthy portal it is no longer healthy. If you have oral disease then your risk for heart disease, cancers, respiratory infection and more are increased regardless of your commitment to exercise. Our smile is integral in our confidence and self esteem. Having clean healthy teeth promotes a healthy self image. Un-restored decay, active inflammation, teeth that are sensitive or discolored are not contributing to your health and well being. Often people ignore, overlook or just don’t understand symptoms of disease. I have read that poor oral health can reduce your life expectancy by 6-10 years. So here is a helpful self assessment tool.

Read and Respond Yes or No.

 self assessment

A yes response to any of these questions is an indicator of disease at worst. At best it is a risk factor for disease that requires management. Your dental professional is your source for what these symptoms may be signs of and how to treat or manage them. These are important questions that they should regularly be asking you or assessing for. If they are not…they should be 🙂 Give me a call for an oral assessment and start on your journey to your best oral health 519-736-1100 or email

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