Tired of Tooth Decay?-Simple Solutions

tooth decay

Tired of Tooth Decay? These are three simple solutions.

Tooth decay or cavities. Needles and drilling. Who wouldn’t give their eye teeth lol to never experience these things or for our children to never have to experience a filling. It is my vision to see children grow up not knowing what a cavity is. It can be done! We have the knowledge and ability to prevent tooth decay. I’ve had my fair share of cavities and fillings. But I now have the tools (knowledge is power) to prevent disease and decay. Not only in my own mouth but in yours.

These three simple things can help you stop tooth decay. Break the cycle of disease and tooth decay.

First prevent bacteria from organizing or colonizing. Sounds simple right? Let me first explain what colonized bacteria is…there is always bacteria in the mouth. It’s dark warm and wet. Ideal for those little bugs. We need it. It protects us from viruses, start to break down our food and other wonderful things. But when it sits in one spot like between the teeth, or in the deep grooves of the molars it becomes organized or colonized. When it sits undisturbed for 24 hrs it is then that it becomes dangerous. Picture generals yelling orders at their troops. Preventing this military like organization is done by brushing and flossing EFFECTIVELY. Reaching every little nook and cranny. Tear apart those organized armies of bacteria. Not an easy feat to accomplish. But it can be done. If you are brushing germsand flossing and you are still getting cavities you need to change it up. Brush better! But don’t feel bad. Has anyone ever showed you how? What brushing method may work for you? What kind of brush suits you best? What time of day should you brush? Believe it or not these things all matter and can mean the difference between a cavity free check up or the dreaded needle. We aren’t born with this knowledge. Someone has to show you. Check with your dental professional to make sure you are using the right tools for you and that you are using them correctly. That’s what we are here for.

Sweet Nectar No More

Second limit or eliminate beverages containing sugar. Sweetened beverages contain a ton of hidden sugars. Click here to see how much sugar is in some common beverages. This includes natural fruit juices, milk, coffee with sugar, even wine… a collective gasp. The bacteria doesn’t distinguish between natural or refined sugar. It uses it all to create acid and trouble for you. Why drinks in particular? Well because they wash over every surface in the mouth. There is no chewing going on when you drink to stimulate saliva flow which normally helps buffer the acid. Lack of chewing also means no mechanical rubbing over the teeth. When we chew up food like our fresh fruit and veggies we are also cleaning our teeth…to a degree. Smoothie or energy drink drinkers beware…It also takes time to consume a beverage meaning this acid attack is intense and lasts a long time spelling disaster for your teeth and $ for your dentist.rinsing

Products:) Rinses and pastes and gums oh my!

If you are doing these other two things and still are having tooth troubles then you may want to add some extra protection. Products! I love products. There are rinses, pastes, or gums oh my…they contain all kinds of magical elixirs. Everything from xylitol to essential oils and bio available minerals. The options are endless and can be found for every preference and lifestyle. Consult your dental professional to help you find what is right for you.

If there were a number four it would be your dental professional. Wink, Wink…I am a very valuable resource or a tool but you need to do the real work. I can’t brush and floss for you everyday…nope not doing house calls. Our visits give me the info I need about your lifestyle, medical history and habits and provide me with what I need to to give you the power to prevent disease and decay.

I guarantee as soon as you start making changes things will change. Do one or all of these things and you are on your way.

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