Things are Better With a Plan-Plan to Prevent Cavities

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You can prevent tooth decay-with a plan. I can help. I don’t know about you but sometimes I need a plan. Whether I want to eat healthier, get more sleep or reach a business goal I’m much more likely to succeed with a plan. Sometimes I need some help making that plan so I call a professional. A nutritionist, a therapist or a business coach to reach those goals I just mentioned. But what if you want to prevent tooth decay? Then you need a dental hygienist like me and a cavity prevention plan.

First of all what is a cavity or tooth decay? A cavity is damage to the surface of tooth enamel. Decay or a cavity is caused by the by acidic by products of bacterial plaque. Our enamel becomes demineralized and weakened and eventually develops a hole. This hole or damage needs to be “fixed” or filled. Without treatment cavities get bigger. It can become large enough to damage the nerve of a tooth. This results in an abcess or infection and the tooth may be lost. This treatment includes a filling or a root canal. Tooth decay not only affects your teeth but can affect your self esteem, your overall health and wellness and puts teeth at risk to be lost. Risk factors for tooth decay include: diet, dental hygiene habits, hydration, saliva consistency, physiology and more. But each of these can be mitigated thus preventing decay. No one risk factors causes tooth decay. It is a combination of many…What are yours? Fill out the oral health self assessment🙂

tooth decay

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Fillings or “Fixing” Tooth Decay.

Let’s talk about filling or “fixing” a tooth. Simple right? You’ve got a cavity so now it has to be fixed. No big deal. Well it is a big deal. A filling does not fix anything. Simply placing a filling does not stop decay on other teeth. And a filling is temporary in nature. A filling’s life expectancy is 5-15 years. I don’t know about you but I plan tmetal fillings, amalgam fillings, mercury fillingso keep my teeth a lot longer than that. Also, fillings require a painful and traumatic procedure to place. And often the material used to “fill” a tooth contains questionable chemicals that can contribute negatively to your health. Let me help to keep your teeth whole and healthy so that they last for your lifetime.

Here is the good news. Decay can be prevented. Would you like to protect yourself and family from decay? No decay means not having painful and expensive fillings. Tooth decay is a disease with many causes. But it is 99% PREVENTABLE. That means anyone can have cavity free check ups and avoid fillings and filling materials that contain questionable chemicals. Let’s keep your teeth whole and healthy and they will last for your lifetime.

How you ask? Well let’s start by eating a whole healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, and having an effective dental hygiene routine including regular professional care. If you want to go a step further you need a plan. I can design a cavity prevention plan for your needs. Customized for your life. Sound good? It’s great! All you have to do is give me a call and set up a consultation either online or in office. I will design a plan with you that includes diet, habit, lifestyle modifications that will help you prevent tooth decay. It’s really simple give me a call 519-736-1100 or email and set up the consultation.

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